POTEN-C Superdose Vitamin C | 24,000mg | 300ml

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Poten-C is a powerful antioxidant, supporting your immune health, supporting collagen production and normal wound healing, improving iron absorption and supporting overall health and brain function.

Poten-C uses non-gmo sunflower liposomes to protect the vitamin C during digestion. This means more vitamin C is absorbed into the cells that need support.

Start your day with Poten-C. Sour taste, sweet effects!

  • Soy, gluten and alcohol free
  • Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly
  • Zero colours, sweeteners and additives
  • Developed in New Zealand
  • Environmentally friendly with recyclable bottle

Adults - take 25ml as a daily maintenance dose
Children - take 5ml

Enough for 12 days of goodness!

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